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Data-driven simulations and the performance of the building

Simulations driven by data let a different stakeholder’s contributions in designing and eventually progress towards the performance of the building’s future. It makes the performance of high buildings feasible and a casual incidence. AEC professionals accelerate and make the intelligent-design decision when both Virtual Reality (VR) and building information modeling (BIM) technology are linked. This will let the association of different stakeholders and offers real-time interpretation at every stage of the construction process.

BIM consulting brings any complex 3D geometry to complete integration and helps in conflict resolution. It attains the maximum potential if it is combined with the VR. Thus by making use of the complete data entrenched inside the BIM model, the VR platform will offer an engineer or architect with full immersive and calculable design.

In the limits of the virtual environment, the project partners can compare the building look between morning and evening eight ‘o’ clock. This will let them know the about the reaction of their building to different environmental factors, including the temperature, time of year and weather. Also, they can see the impact of one design on the complete structure.

VR will make use of the entire date of the conventional BIM model and equally let the level of spatial, depth and scale awareness.

Future with BIM and VR collaboration

Apart from enabling realistic and simulation driven by data, VR and BIM allows the designers to foresee the building structures for the future. When the future structure can be visualized, then it will enable producing high performing and lofty building structures.

Simulation helps in integrating with the metropolitan landscapes

Not only the building’s interior performance increase with BIM but also it illustrates the building interaction with the adjoining structures. This is possible with the combination of the mixed reality. MR will further guarantee the building will not disturb the present urban landscapes.

Irrespective of the architect attempting to organize an original structure along with the existing structure, or is considering the best method to deal with a renovation project. If the consolidation of all the data into one BIM model using the mixed reality, then it will enable for dynamic dealings involving both the real and the virtual. This will reduce the chance of a disruption with the neighboring atmosphere.

From model to reality

Even though there are a variety of benefits BIM and VR data bring to AEC, the industry is taking time to adapt the method. This is due to the mindset of people. They are not able to follow the model to reality.

However, when they learn to embrace the BIM and VR simulation techniques, then they can achieve more performance of buildings with a definite plan and all within and short frame of time. Remember that the future of the AEC industry is driven by BIM and VR collaboration, and that makes the skyscrapers possible. Learn to know the techniques and quickly adapt the data-driven simulation to go with the flow and reduce cost and produce efficient construction structures.


President Trump Signs Bill Leaving Internet Privacy Open to Misuse

In a major setback to internet activists and advocates of online freedom, President Trump signed a bill which leaves the online behavior of an individual vulnerable to various threats. The Bill is aimed to repeal the internet privacy regulations recommended by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the last year.

As it is reported by VPN service guide website –, the Bill has been passed into a law and gives the freedom to internet service providers (ISP) to snoop on a user’s browsing habits to create targeted advertising. The ISPs now can freely sell your personal details to third party companies without the specific approval of the customer. The information that can be left exposed may include an individual’s financial information, his contact and location, medical data and family information.

The Executive Director of Mozilla, Mark Surman proposed VPN as the best way to defend one’s online privacy while also advocating Tor and encrypted messaging tools like Signal to fight back with the law.

The Bill had also received severe criticism from various privacy advocates and even ACLU commented that the Congress should have prevented the corporate pressure of making profit a priority than the rights of an individual. They also believed that most Americans wanted their personal internet information to be safely protected. It should be mentioned that none of the Democrats had voted to pass the repeal on the rules that were taken up by the FCC in the last days of Obama administration. Interestingly, a coalition of 46 Senate Democrats requested President Trump to consider not signing the bill last week.

The information about the passing of the new law was also different from the other Bills or executive orders that Trump loves to publicize on the media. The news was disclosed on Monday through a White House Statement, as reported by Reuters. White House explained that the intention behind the law was to create a level playing field between the various ISPs and organizations like Facebook and Google.

The companies already use the vast personal user data to target consumers with better and relevant advertisements. The ISPs had long argued on this point and urged the government for granting them the freedom to harvest personal data.

ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T released a statement on Friday saying that they are not going to voluntarily sell the information of a customer. But this was not enough to keep the tensions at bay when many internet users still use questionable methods like torrents to share and access copyrighted material. But most of the users had already learned to use torrent anonymously as the concerns on piracy had been a long-term issue. The law has yet again exposed the need to take the responsibility of internet privacy in one’s own hands.

Internet as a sales channel: a marketing point of view

The peculiarities of the Internet as a distribution and marketing communications channel are characterised as follows: on the one hand, the power of the Internet enables buyers and sellers to directly come in contact, leading to so-called disintermediation (elimination of intermediaries). Not only companies and organisations can work directly with their partners, suppliers or customers: even consumers can directly communicate with other users. On the other hand, there is the emergence of new types of intermediaries that are specific to the electronic market. These include information intermediaries (infomediaries), organisations involved in the collection, compilation and dissemination of information on the web, meta-mediators (metamediaries), agents representing a group of producers and traders, united specific situation of purchase (purchase of real estate, cars, organisation of weddings other celebrations, and so on) search agents representing both the seller and the buyer and provides web search necessary information, product or service.

Mediators eradicated, but reborn

The emergence and growth of these new parties allowed to create a new system of marketing relationships. For example, authorising marketing (generally known as permission marketing) allows you to display a specific consumer advertising of goods and services at zillions of online resources, and advertising can be placed even on the sites of competitors. The role of the Internet as a resource the channel strategy is determined by the enterprise itself. The company authorities must decide for itself, how can the Internet change the channel in comparison with other elements of the marketing mix and increase the competitiveness of the company. Development of local and global information networks enables suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to establish direct communication. The mediators, concerned by the prospect of disintermediation, seek to maintain their position in the chain of creation of customer value. The restructuring of distribution channels has affected different industries such as car sales and distribution of recorded music, the grocery trade and the sale of real estate. The traditional structure of the distribution channel intermediaries smash large consignment of goods coming from the manufacturer, and sell their parts, providing storage,transportation, preparation of a certain range, a system of order, payment and other functions.

E-business has changed the traditional structure of the channel. From a direct distribution channel standpoint using the web implies sales of goods produced by the business and sold directly to clients, eliminating any intermediaries. According to HTP Digital, a digital marketing Manchester agency focusing on online promotion and strategic approaches implementation, the share of such companies in UK is estimated at 47%. The decision to use the direct channel is made if the benefits outweigh the benefits of direct sales provided by intermediaries. Electronic inventory system allows the manufacturer to consolidate several suppliers. Electronic Support System range enables the company to aggregate a wider range than that which is possible in a physical point of sale. Internet can also be used as an indirect distribution channel: the indirect channel always involves the use of intermediaries. As a rule, there is a combination of indirect channels using the Internet with traditional channels.

UK Legal Industry Stagnation Explained From The Other Side Of The Barricade

The process of restoration of the UK economy after the crisis was slow, in some sectors the country still has not recovered. ‘In times of unprecedented financial problems the legal sector cannot be excluded from of the government’s plans, the taxpayers’ money should be used wisely’, –a governmental representative Chris Grayling explains. ‘We believe that this policy should be reflected in the amounts that are paid to lawyers. Qualified specialists will be available as earlier, as of now the contracts will be signed only with those who meet the standards of the profession. The wealthy defendants who can pay their own bills for legal advice and representation should do it. Our project [cutbacks] aims to allocate taxpayers’ money wisely and in no way affect someone’s rights for a fair trial’.

‘We spend two billion pounds annually, and we have one of the most expensive systems of legal protection in the world, even after the reform, it will remain very generous’, ministry spokesperson says. ‘The latest figures state that more than 1,200 barristers worked in tax-covered sector and received 100,000 pounds (about $160,000) per year in the form of fees, six barristers received more than 500,000 pounds each. We absolutely agree that lawyers should be fairly paid for their work, and are confident that our proposals directed just at it’. Althought, some solicitors work with cases when the client pay legal fees only if the claim is succesful – you can read more about what is no win no fee in the special issue.

Lawyers, however, do not agree neither with the above numbers nor with optimistic forecasts. This is the third strike this year, though the previous year was not marked with tranquility and silence. The idea of legal aid cutbacks came from the Ministry of Justice in April 2013, and that summer, the lawyers went on strike. In January 2014, they again went to the building of the Ministry with the posters. Such shares were held not only in London but also in other major cities in England and Wales. In court, the Old Bailey (London’s main criminal court), the jury retired to ponder verdict in the case of terrorism, leaving behind an empty room, because of the protests, except judges, no one appeared. Judge Gerald Gordon shrugged sheepishly before surprising the jury: ‘As you can see, I am now in splendid isolation’. Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers reported a massive abstention in the courts of London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Winchester, and other cities, lawyers refused to work for an hourly fee below the minimum wage in the country (in terms of time).

On March 7, another protest was held, in which, as in previous ones, attended by lawyers working in the field of criminal law. However, on March 31 and April, 1 no strike was active since an agreement with the Ministry of Justice was achieved. Grayling agreed to postpone the adoption of the most ambitious measures relating barristers, until 2015, when the figures are likely to be revised, but until 2018-2019 the program is expected program to be fully implemented with a reduction of appropriations by 215 million pounds.

In the meantime, despite the protests, phenomenal cases occur. Therefore, such companies manage to grow: thus, Forster Dean Solicitors, a noteworthy UK no win no fee agency, has managed to enlarge its network despite the stagnation in the industry and replenished its list of services with motoring solicitors (also known as drink driving solicitors). Moreover, that’s not the only example: drop in at Solicitors Guru and find a solicitor at perhaps, the largest legal platform in the UK, to get insights on the latest trends, the examples of successful companies are many.

Flat flanges Fittings

Welding is the most common method of attachment flanges to the pipes. Therefore professional manufacturers producing stainless steel flanges (as well as the related equipment: tube plates, fitting tools, butt weld fittings, etc.),  e.g. AlexanderComley, provide consultations and training to guarantee proper flanges installation.

Connection of flat flanges requires using special fasteners, which include nuts, bolts, studs and shims. Bolt is a fastener for connecting various structures and machine parts; it is a threaded rod with four or hexagonal head at one end. Nut is a component with a threaded hole, designed for connection of the unit. Shim is placed under the bolt head or nut. Using shims is necessary to enlarge the area of ​​support (in case of insufficient rigidity of the anvil) to align the surface of the support and compensate for the increased diameter of the screw holes. If there is a bias of nuts and screws, it is customary to use the oblique and spherical shims. However, there is a dozen of shims for a variety of technical situations (sealings, springs, locks, etc.).

Hairpin is a metallic rod having threads at both ends. One end is screwed into the first piece and the other piece is pressed against the first one when the nut is screwed.

Securing is covered in a good number of regulatory documents and subjected to a range of requirements. So for flanged joints used fasteners adapted to the special requirements. All the requirements are specific to the use of its products and focus on particular conditions, such as pressure and environmental peculiarities. (more…)

Keep Fit – Natural Remedies For Hayfever

The allergic manifestations are oftentimes represented by redness of the eyes and inflammation of the cornea. Allergic dermatitis of eyelids and numerous conjunctivitis forms – are the other widespread types of manifestations. Behind hayfever stands nothing but rhinitis, so, as described in UK Natural Health hub online magazine, natural remedies for hayfever will always be the best treatment options, acting gently and efficiently.

In some cases the allergic conditions are so adverse that the development of conjunctivitis may be provoked. Protect your body from disastrous effects with the most the most effective herbal remedies:

  • The broth prepared from the flowers of cornflower blue, toadflax and black elderberry flowers is a perfect for compression. All the ingredients must be used in the proportion of 10 grams to 2 glasses of boiled water; let the mixture infuse for approximately 8 hours. Filter the resulting solution; use it externally. (more…)

Graphene Brouhaha: Why So Much Noise?

Graphene is a two-dimensional allotropic form of carbon, in which hexagonal crystal lattice atoms are combined, forming a layer of one atom thickness. Graphene was discovered in 2004 by Andrew Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, immigrated to the Netherlands and the UK, respectively.

Outstanding strength, flexibility and conductivity

The unusual properties of graphene promise a bright future for a good number of industries. Graphene boasts incredibly high strength. A one square meter sheet of graphene (again, keep in mind only one atom thickness) is capable of holding the weight of 4 pounds with no damage or even deformation. Due to the two-dimensional structure, graphene is a very flexible material that should enable its use in future, for example, for weaving yarns (the thin graphene material would be comparable to thick and heavy steel ropes). Furthermore, in certain circumstances, graphene is even capable of healing the deformations in its crystalline structure.

Graphene is a material with a sky-high conductivity of electricity and heat, which should make it the best choice for use in various electronic devices, especially, taking into account its flexibility and optical transparency. A number of experiments have been conducted on solar batteries made from grephene as a substitute to a relatively expensive indium selenide. Thus graphene solar cells demonstrate higher efficiency.

Another possible application of graphene is creation of flexible electronics, and in particular, flexible displays. In contemporary screens (LCD or OLED) indium tin oxide is used as a transparent conductor, which is relatively expensive and fragile. In this sense, high strength and flexibility of graphene make it an ideal candidate for a substitution. A widespread graphene use may certainly give a mind-blowing boost to the wearable electronics, as it allows embedding chips in clothing, paper and other goods of daily use.

Some graphene companies, e.g. 2-DTECH already assist businesses with integrating innovative solutions that imply using the neoteric material. According to 2-DTECH, the number of graphene uses even today is countless, the company is convinced the material will revolutionise the world in the nearest two decades. (more…)

The Role Of Post-combustion In VOC Removal Process

For the purposes of decontamination of organic compounds, oxidative devices that eliminate many technological problems in the field of ecology are overwhelmingly installed in production facilities.

The most common method of voc removal from the exhaust gases is of post-combustion. The main advantages of such modules are the following:

  • no need in large areas for installation
  • relatively low maintenance costs (e.g. no extra investments in building bund walls are needed)
  • post-combustion units can be placed directly at the place of emissions

For this purpose, both classic and modern systems (e.g. regenerative oxidisers aiming at odours elimination, equipped with odour control mechanisms, regenerative oxidisers maintaining high concentrations of volatile organic compounds, and etc.) are typically installed.

In the actual production process is the concentration of pollutants rarely maintains a constant level. In most cases, mean-shift total VOC concentration cannot exceed 50 mg/m3. In these circumstances, the most expedient use of the sorption sites and incineration plants of organic compounds consists in utilising hard surfaces and carrying out the process at low temperatures, when it is possible to use flameless combustion.

In this case, the neutralisation is carried out in several stages. The first one implies low sorption of low-concentrated pollutants, next comes sorbent saturation that follows desorption process at 230 – 270 degrees. The concentrated emission is directed into the catalytic unit  The working body is represented by a block-type catalyst of a honeycomb structure, obtained on the basis of nickel foam or ceramic foam composition Al2O3/SiO2, wherein a palladium compound, heated to 200 degrees is used as the active phase of the catalyst using.

How It Works: Underground Car Parking

Underground parking lots are overwhelmingly designed for offices, shopping malls and high-rise residential buildings. A basic underground car park offers acceptable climate conditions; the more advanced projects include security systems, sound silencing systems and many more. A car park ventilation system is an integral part of any parking lot, integrated in all the underground projects by default.

The minimum temperature in the car park area should not fall below +5°C. Thus, building experts practice integrating systems with air heating mechanisms on board: therefore, the exhaust chambers and recuperators may be installed.

Unlike private garages system, an underground ventilation complex utilises mechanical (artificial) motivation, natural ventilation and mixed forms (mechanical + natural). A solid parking ventilation business integrates the above-mentioned types to guarantee optima ventilation functioning.

Apart from air processing units a decent underground ventilation system includes the elements of smoke removal and even detection. Therefore, the industrial fans and smoke valves are mounted in large ventilation systems.

Ventilation capacity calculation

When designing embedded in the building or detached parking lots of motorized or stationary type, ventilation experts bear in mind the following requirements:

  • Autonomy – the ventilation system of underground parking should be implemented independently from the general ventilation complex of the building.
  • Automation – the supply and exhaust equipment should function automatically (if e.g. exposure limits are exceeded) along the perimeter of the car park.
  • Powerful ventilation, achieved through installation of industrial fans large steel ducts and vents.
  • Smoke removal mechanisms should be set in place.

Water Borehole Drilling In A Nutshell

Water borehole drilling job is typically implemented in case commercial or residential facilities are located at long range from central water supply infrastructure and there is no possibility for connecting an additional water supply system. As for residential purposes, homeowners are oftentimes not satisfied with the quality of the water, and this is where borehole drilling companies step in to conduct their business. Depending on the particular characteristics of the area, such businesses offer establishing a new source of water in the desired location for the customer.

Borehole drilling preparation submissions

Despite the widely spread myth, the adjustment of water supply does not depend much on geographical location. Therefore, a modern well can be built in virtually any region; the only difficulty consists in the depth of the inland waters. Before starting work, a group of specialists proficient in geophysics carries out a geological exploration in order to detect aquifers and determine the depth of their location. In addition, the driveway to deliver and accommodate the equipment is needed to be properly prepared. Since the equipment drilling is characterized by huge dimensions, it will simply not be able to travel to the place of proposed drilling, if the driveway appears to be smaller in size. It is also recommended to organize the 50 yards site approximately.

Post drilling complex of measures

Once the exploration and implementation of drilling water well is carried out, a chemical analysis of water is needed to be carried out. If the water has been extracted from the upper layers, it is suitable only for industrial purposes; drink such water must be avoided by any means. The fact should be underlined that the chemical composition of the water partially depends on the quality of work done. Thus, if the drill team works diligently and professionally, they will do their best to prevent water source pollution. Obviously, a greater percentage of successful completion of drilling depends on the particular company and its staff, so should definitely make an informed choice on the borehole drilling company.