Keep Fit – Natural Remedies For Hayfever

The allergic manifestations are oftentimes represented by redness of the eyes and inflammation of the cornea. Allergic dermatitis of eyelids and numerous conjunctivitis forms – are the other widespread types of manifestations. Behind hayfever stands nothing but rhinitis, so, as described in UK Natural Health hub online magazine, natural remedies for hayfever will always be the best treatment options, acting gently and efficiently.

In some cases the allergic conditions are so adverse that the development of conjunctivitis may be provoked. Protect your body from disastrous effects with the most the most effective herbal remedies:

  • The broth prepared from the flowers of cornflower blue, toadflax and black elderberry flowers is a perfect for compression. All the ingredients must be used in the proportion of 10 grams to 2 glasses of boiled water; let the mixture infuse for approximately 8 hours. Filter the resulting solution; use it externally.

  • Fighting the inflammation of the pituitary membrane of the eyeball use the decoction of flowers of cornflower blue. Use 1 tablespoon of flowers and prepare the mixture in 500 ml. hot water.

  • A decoction of millet grains is an extremely effective method in lacrimation caused by an allergic reaction. Wash your eyes with the solution 30-40 minutes before going to sleep and the frequency of allergic reactions will inevitably decrease.

By allergic manifestations your body lets you know that it’s time to change your lifestyle and eat the right foods. In order to strengthen and enhance the immune system, you may also use dozens of other drugs of herbal nature: be it St. John’s wort or chamomile – the side effects risks are reduced to minimum.

The Effect Of Natural Remedies For Hayfever

Bur-marigold has long been used to treat skin allergies and skin diseases in children. The plant is used as a decoction internally, as well as in the form of compresses and lotions. If a child suffers from diathesis, it is advisable to prepare a decoction for bathing. To do this you will need 3 tablespoon of bur-marigold and a liter of boiling water (let the mixture infuse for an hour). Use the mixture when bathing your baby (remember that the temperature of the water must not exceed 27 degrees Celsius).

In order to get rid of the allergy completely you will need to drink the infusion of fresh grass within a year or even several years. Brewing bur-marigold is recommended as a herbal tea; drink it after a meal, instead of tea of coffee. If you are brewing bur marigold in a cup and the water got golden straw color, it means that the herb’s quality is good enough and it has not lost its beneficial properties yet. However, if the infusion has turned into a dull green color solution – it is not suitable for consumption.

To completely and safely get rid of the issue you may need to take natural remedies for hayfever to drink only fresh infusion of grass succession within several months. It is brewed as a tea and used instead of tea or coffee. Infuse the mixture within twenty minutes; no dosage is recommended. Golden color of the infusion is the evidence of its good quality. Cloudy or green color of the infusion means that the herb is not suitable for consumption. Infusion of succession can only be taken in fresh form: not canning or making reserves is recommended. It is also important to know that bur-marigold in the form of briquettes is not suitable for the preparation of infusions, it can only be used for baths.